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Laundry Starts At Home

Need to go to the laundromat but dread the experience? Whether you've been going to a laundromat for years or are new to utilizing this service, you may know that laundromats can be unpredictable. There may simply not be enough surface space to sort or fold items; there may not be a sink to wash and rinse items or hands; there may not be any entertainment or seating. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. Here are some tips worth trying to make the experience comfortable and efficient.

Start laundry at home.

No, this does not mean wash at home and dry at the laundromat. There are tasks that are better managed at home so your trip to the laundromat is a little more comfortable and more efficient. Try these steps to prepare for your trip:

  • Sort laundry at home. Sort at home as there may not be enough space to sort your laundry at the wash house. Plus, at the laundromat, you cannot always rely on surfaces to be clean and free of staining or bleaching agents.
  • Pretreat stains in privacy. Spritz unsightly stains in the privacy of your home. This also has the added benefit of carrying one less item, the pretreat bottle, with you.
  • Place delicate items into netting bags. Use the time at home to perform this task and do this as your sort. This way when you arrive at the laundromat, you can just throw your sorted loads into the machines.
  • Consolidate loads. As you sort your laundry, put loads into as few baskets and totes as needed.

Take your own supplies.

Individual-use supplies are more expensive per ounce than when purchased by the bottle or box. It’s more cost effective to take your own supplies but taking supplies also adds weight to your haul. Try these tips to lighten the load:

  • Repurpose plastic water bottles. Save yourself a few water bottles to carry liquid detergents, softeners, and bleach in smaller amounts than the original packaging. Do however label these bottles in case you cannot tell the contents apart such as free and clear detergents and bleach.
  • Use locking plastic bags and containers. Slide-locking plastic bags and snap-locking plastic containers are great for storing and transporting dry detergent powders, pods, and dryer sheets.
  • Take original caps and scoops. Take the measuring caps and scoops from the original packaging so that you can measure supplies at the laundromat.
  • Carry any bleach separately. Keep any bleach away from your laundry in case of any spills or leaks.
  • Don’t forget hangers. As you sort your laundry at home, count how many hangers you will need for any items you intend to hang.

Bring your own entertainment.

Not all laundromats are created and maintained the same. Some have games, TVs, and free wi-fi; others have none of these. Even if a facility offers these, you cannot always count on them to be available or working. So, stave off the boredom between cycles by following these tips:

  • Charge your phone. Unless you have an antiquated phone without Internet, need we say more?
  • Take a book, magazine, or newspaper. You will inevitably have to put things down to tend to a buzzing machine and move around the aisles. Books, magazines, and newspapers are less likely to cause pain should they get lost or damaged while you do your laundry.
  • Bring entertainment for the kids. It’s common for parents to bring their kids with them on laundry day. However, the laundromat is not the place for toys or a game of tag as visitors will undoubtedly need to move baskets, carts, and large loads around the aisles. So, provide kids with books, video games, or a handheld device to watch content that helps keep them out of harm’s way.
  • Leave some things at home. Doing laundry at the public wash house requires constant attention to machines and moving around the aisles. One may struggle with keeping an eye on personal belongings, so it is best to leave these at home.

Dress the part.

Laundry is not a formal occasion like attending a ball or cocktail party. It’s a utilitarian activity that really requires a practical approach to clothing. Try these suggestions and see what works best for you:

  • Wear lots of pockets. You don’t have to put on a fishermen’s vest and cargo pants, but you do need to wear items with just enough pockets to carry your wallet, cash and coins for the machines, and phone.
  • Carry a wearable purse or bag. If you must carry a bag or purse, carry one you can always keep on you such as a backpack, mini backpack, shoulder bag, or similar. See above about leaving unnecessary personal belongings at home.
  • Wear sensible shoes. Laundromats and laundry in general require being on one’s feet. Wear comfortable, weather-appropriate shoes that have grip (in case of spills and puddles). Sneakers, tennis shoes, and the like are ideal.
  • Bring a sweater. You may want to bring a sweater that you can put on and take off as needed.

With these best practices, laundry can be more efficient, even during busy hours. If the above is too much, then check your area for laundry services where you can drop off your items or schedule a pickup & delivery and let the professionals handle everything from sorting and pretreating to washing, drying, and folding. Until then, try the best practices described above and see what works for your unique needs.

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