Crawford Laundry Reviews

What Our Customers Are Saying

Crawford Laundry's wash and fold service is divine! Their attention to detail is unmatched. The staff is friendly and professional and they offer pick up and delivery. What more could you ask for? These services save me a significant amount of time and give me more time with my family!

This service is wonderful! My laundry was picked up bright and early and returned to me the same day. Everything was folded nicely and jackets/tops were hanging ready to be put away. Would highly recommend to anyone - especially anyone with a busy schedule!

The laundry delivery service is well worth the investment. My husband and I work full-time, work out daily, and have two little ones... we go through a LOT of laundry each week! Sometimes it feels like there's not enough time in the day to tackle all of the household chores + washing, drying, folding, and putting away the laundry. Crawford Laundry picking up our dirty clothes/towels/sheets to wash, dry, and deliver them (perfectly folded) on our doorstep is a huge relief.

I dropped off a quilted bedspread and a handmade patchwork quilt for wash and fold. I opted for next day service and was notified via text next morning that they were done. I was very pleased with the results. They looked and smelled great. They folded the items and placed them in a heavy duty plastic bag. This would be a great idea for getting your winter blankets washed for summer storage. Just leave them in the bag and put them away until needed next winter.
The ladies that work there are very friendly and are doing a great job. Thank you ladies. I'll be back for sure.

I scheduled my first pickup and delivery service this past week, and I can't say enough how impressed I am! Scheduling the pickup online was super easy and streamlined. Very user friendly. I received emails when the driver was en route to pickup my laundry, and again the next day when they were dropping off. The clothes were folded IMMACULATELY. I could never duplicate that. Having 5 kids and another on the way, I will definitely be utilizing this service again! SO pleased with our service!

The wash and fold service is amazing! I never realized the amount of time I would be saving myself. Using the wash and fold service allowed me the time to take care of other household chores. Our clothes were clean and smelled wonderful. I couldn't believe how our clothes and bed linens were so meticulously folded!! No wrinkles and delivered so neatly. I was completely spoiled and the best part is how affordable the service is!

I can’t brag enough about my experience with Crawford Laundry!! I had an ink stain on my fabric couch— a large “scribbley” ink stain! I called the Laundry to ask if they could help me… they let me know they were willing to help, but couldn’t guarantee it. I took both of my slip covers to them—I couldn’t be more pleased with the result! Now they look amazing!

My comforter and blanket look and smell wonderful as well.

I also have to say that the people who work there were very courteous, professional and polite… making sure to give me the services I needed.

I will be back!
Thank you for a 5-star experience!!