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A Laundry Legacy in Crawford, GA

The little old wash house in our hometown was always part of our community. We can recall as kids, our parents would occasionally take us there to help wash bedding and other oversize items the machines at home simply couldn’t. As we got older, that laundromat became a place for us to wash our own clothes as we left the nest and asserted our independence as young adults.

The little old laundromat was always there as a background figure of our rural communities. Faithfully it served us and our community for 50 years. When we heard that the previous owners were ready to retire from the business, we took the opportunity to acquire it and keep the momentum going. We didn’t want it to close, and we didn’t want it to decline. So, we gave it some much needed love and care to restore and upgrade it to the modern, quaint facility it is today.

In addition to the renovations, we fully acknowledge that in today’s world, everyone and everything is interconnected with online shopping and 2-day delivery. To keep pace with our modern economy, we added wash & fold and pickup & delivery laundry services and manage it not through paper ledger books and antiquated software from the 90s, but with modern tech to keep your orders on track.

The little old laundromat may be under new ownership, but still with the same kinship and township as it always had since 1973. We certainly invite you to do your laundry with us whether you want to do it yourself, drop it off with us, or schedule a pickup and delivery.